part two: how to style a tee

Remember that time I collaborated with and you all went bananas!!?! (Thanks, by the way!)

Well, I’m back again with Jane. Insane deals are still around! This time, I’m styling it a bit differently. My favorite peep toe booties (as well as many of your favorite peep toe booties), and an old J.crew pencil skirt. This outfit it just plain fun and comfortable. 
Lexi and I wanted to showcase how fun this tee was by literally finding the best places to shoot. Rexburg (for once) didn’t disappoint. 

Take a look for yourself. Remember HLSS Cardinal rule: never be afraid to pattern mix! 

Mail anyone?? 

Photos courtesy of Lexi May Photography


Thanks for following along! I definitely have the best followers. 😘😘

Happy shopping, 


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