10 essentials for a trip (especially to the dirty south in the fall) 

Hello from Georgia, my peaches! (See what I did there?!) haha I hope you are all doing so well and apologies to my dearies in Idaho and Utah.😐 It’s it a little bit colder in your neck of the woods! Well as promised, here is a post while I’m in Atlanta. I thought I would give you some more appropriate content based on my current situation. haha. No worries, this items will still work for my ladies and friends back home in “Idahome”, Minnesnowda, and wherever my sweet readers may be!

10. Field Jacket: Honestly, I am wondering why I don’t have one of these? I definitely should have brought mine because it gets a little cooler at night and is sometimes raining. It’s also dang cute. $64 is pretty good (best price I could find for now, but I’ll keep an eye out!) Get it [here]

9. Boyfriend Window Pane Shirt: I literally just wore this for two different outfits. I wore it part of the day exploring the city (including the aquarium and world of Coca-cola) and then at night for part of my PRSSA conference. It’s a great piece that can transition from professional to recreational. Right now you can get an extra 40% off by using code: ENJOY. This makes this top only $14.40, which is a better deal than what I got!  Get it [here] 

You can also see how I styled it below. 

8. Luggage tag: I’m a big believer in a cute luggage tag. I myself use a sparkly, gold luggage tag on my suitcases. Mostly because of the identifying factor. My mom used to tie ribbons on our bags back in the day, so in the spirit of that plus my obsession with glitter I now own glitter luggage tags. I wish they still sold mine because it was a killer deal! Here’s a pretty cute one from target. Get it [here

7.  Reversible Faux-Leather Tote: People in general ask me a lot about this bag so I’m glad to see that old navy got it back. Honestly, I use it as a back pack so I would have never bought real leather because my pen exploded on the inside(pink side) but I do love it! I feel chic and got a sweet deal and now you can too! I also super love this seasons color combo. (Brown and gold 😍 …that’s a heart eyes emoticon if you’re not on mobile). Use code ENJOY for 40% off. Get it [here] ps.. Only $18 with code!

Tote in pictures below. 

6. Blanket Scarf: ok, I feel like I honestly post about blanket scarves always. I forgot mine at home and regretted it! I usually bring them on the plane to wear as a literal blanket! Ps… Doesn’t work so well when they are at home! Haha don’t make my mistake! I am just sticking with old navy now. Not a huge red fan (I have red hair) but I wish I was! Red and red hair is weird. But the rest of you, enjoy. Use the code above. Get it [here]

5. Joggers: long plane rides ain’t no friends of the skinny jean! My recent purchase were these bad boys.  Get them [here

Styled below like a homeless woman after many hours of traveling. 

4. Travel with fun people: honestly, I thinking being here with friends from school is so fun. We are having so many laughs and making so many unique memories. I feel like every moment (besides when I needed a nap… Dang time change) was filled with fun.

3. Go explore: we finally found a hip part of Atlanta thanks to uber and google maps. Apparently, PRSSA wanted us to think it was lame and not cute. Shame on you, public relations professionals. You should have influenced my opinion better. Haha just kidding.. But really.

2. Don’t miss you husband too much. That’s all! Call him sometimes– he’ll convince you to spend money that you’ve decided to be cheap with. And you’ll realize it’s because he misses you.

1. Take photos to remember it. I don’t think I’ll post a million photos, but just seeing them makes me laugh!

Thanks for reading this post and my quirky insights into traveling! Hope you enjoyed and enjoy my personal photos and styling below. And as always…
happy shopping,

xo Cortney

 Subway with the mole people then stairway to heaven

 Haley Bennett- is that my matron of honor dress?


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