christmas came early!

Hi there! I am so tired and about to be sick right now, but time never stops for me when it’s cyber monday time! I took a little break yesterday because I was in the car for 16 hours while traveling back from Minnesota! (Don’t worry, we still have more time to travel though and it makes me feel so ill 😦 !) If you have a chance to travel 20+ hours in a span less than 24 hours don’t do it. Haha!

Anyway, I hope this will bring you joy because this little Christmas card shoot has made me happy yesterday while I was editing in the car. I wasn’t going to release it this quickly, but Anthropologie has a great promotion going on so if you want to snag my top, now is the time. (Literally, two of my friends loved enough to buy it…it’s very darling!) For cyber Monday, get extra 25% off all sale items as well as free shipping ON ALL ORDERS! For 25% off use code- XTRAGOOD. Totally rare for the free shipping thing so enjoy!

(Ps.. one of CJ’s shirts is from FiveFour. It was a clothing club we did for him to try and help him build up his wardrobe when we were first married. They sent him clothes every month, and he would send back what he didn’t like. I will link the website below.)

Without further ado…I give you Christmas wonderland below. If you have any question comment below. I will leave links the best I can! 🙂




DSC_1366 (1)



H I M: Shirt- Five Four (similar here) , Sweater- H&M, Jeans- Levi’s, Shoes- Nike (I kept looking until I found a better deal for his birthday! It’s possible ladies!)

H E R: Top- Anthropologie, Beanie- Urban Outfitters(sold out, but I love this one & it’s 40% off today!), Jeans- Old as dirt so I have no idea haha!!, Shoes-Steve Madden(last season, but supppperr similar here. This one has extra 25% off today.)


I am obsessed with Christmas. I hope you are too! We took these to get a good Christmas card photo, and surprise! None of these are my top contenders, but I sure think they are cute. I have another outfit that will be making an appearance next week so stay tuned. It’s a totally different style.

Now, I need to lay back down and try to do some more homework. Seriously, take my advice and don’t be driving from the earliest hours of the morning until the latest hours of night/earliest hours of the morning again. Messes a lady up. Maybe some shopping will soften the blow? Haha just kidding 🙂 I’ll try and post more deals that I think will be relevant to you today.

happy cyber shopping,


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