back to basics- simple styling tips (casual)

hello my dears! We are in Arizona for a hot minute before moving on to another sweet destination 😉  I’ve been absent for a few days and I’m sorry about that. If you want to keep up with me a little more frequently, be sure to check out either of my instagrams! Anywhozerrrrr, today I thought I’d take you on a different route. As women, we are often trying to simplify. I feel like that all the time. How can I simplify my makeup, skin care or whatever else routine? Well, here’s how you can simplify you fashion routine!

There are a few staples that every closet needs. I preach it all the time. I’ll stand on the TABLE if you need!


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1.Good fitting pair of black skinny jeans.

So why a good fitting pair of black jeans you might ask?? I believe that multiple outfits can be upgraded with a solid pair of black jeans, instead of those “holy” jeans that some people are trying to rock. (I still think those are cute and appropriate, but sometimes you just have to class it up a little!) Have you ever seen my girl, Audrey Hepburn? Enough said… she invented the black jeans. Pair these with a chambray shirt, a loose fitting tee, marled sweater, a striped tee, or even a cute sweatshirt! Get my favorite pair here .

2. Pointed/D’Orsay flats.

These are darling and can be dressed up or down. Pair with any of the combos I listed above (besides a sweatshirt!!) and you have an instant winner. I love these here and here.

3. Striped Tee.

No one is sure why stripes are still in style, but they are here to stay. They’ve been cool now for several years, but they are a great staple. Pair them with those blanket scarves or wear them underneath a darling cardigan. My striped tees picks herehere and here. Blanket scarves here and here.

4. Chambray shirt.

Another no brainer. Denim on denim. Denim shirt with pattern skirt, denim shirt with black jeans. Chambray or denim shirts are just cute and general. It can be paired with a crew neck sweater over top or cardigans as well. A few great options (men and women) herehere, here and here.

5. A Great Cardigan.

If you have a great cardigan, you literally can conquer a lot of outfits. That is my firm belief. Current favorites (male and female): here and here.


Today was a great post for this because CJ and I happen to be modeling the simple truth of this post! (Besides the flats for him. He wears sneakers because a man in flats just doesn’t work.)













Lots of pictures today, but aren’t my in-laws’ orange trees to die for!? Gorg! Also, being in the sunlight sure does a lot for my ginger locks. Anyway, when it comes to the basics, I promise you literally cannot go wrong. We will talk more soon about spicing up the basics! Hope you all are having a Merry time with your loved ones and happy first day of winter. I’m obviously not feeling very wintry!

Be sure to check out my picks above. xoxo!

happy shopping,


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