meet the Agrens 

welcome if you were referred from Instagram! If not, here’s what you’ve missed:

Now that we are all caught up, CJ and I are the best of friends. We met in Sept. of 2013, first at church and then that night I actually went to his apartment for game night. We then were put into what is called “Home Evening group”. This means you are like a support system for each other for each other while away from home and meet together each Monday night during a semester. (apts. not just he and I,haha!) He thought I was crazy and too loud because he’s kind of an introvert but he ended up liking me (surprising!!). Then, we watched “Up” and went to get ice cream for our first date. We soon were inseparable and began officially/exclusively dating on Nov. 3.

We dated until getting engaged in March 2014, and got married on June 13, 2014 in the Salt Lake LDS temple! (look it up, it’s gorgeous!) This remains my favorite day.  We made the best promises to each other and our Heavenly Father that day! How can that be beat!? 🙂

But honestly, I have a lot of good ones with him. Today was one of them-
 We’ve gone on so many adventures together, and I can’t wait for all that are in store.

He is currently studying Health Care Administration, and is a genius. He is one of the most dilligent humans I’ve ever met. I’m going to graduate with a degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations and I’m just me, haha.

CJ supports me in my love for this blog. At first, I was really nervous about being married because I love clothes (and buying them!!). He is really great because he understands that it’s part of my passion and we set a budget together that I stay within.

I want my readers to know that because I hate when you see people on social media who look like they have everything at their finger tips! I don’t. I don’t have a perfect life. I have already been accused of it. I still have no makeup on when I wake up. I fight with my husband (rarely, but I do! I just love him too much. It was definitely worse our first year, yes we’re one of those.)

Buttttttt, one thing you should know about my husband is that he loves his Instagram husband title. Haha! He’s learning photography for the blog and my  Instagram account. He makes me look so cute. Ladies, if you ever want to look good, hand your husband a camera because seeing what you look like through his eyes is the best!

These are some of my favorite photos that he took:


Ok, well that was a lot longer than what I expected to write and kind of random…but hopefully you get the point! Thanks for your continued support. Follow along insta for more regular updates!


Cortney Bennett Agren

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