fashion police called on myself.

hello lovelies! I was cleaning out my computer yesterday! (Who’s with me!!!) You get to senior year of college and you totally have to purge, just like you have to do with your closet every once in awhile. And wow, I found some cringe worthy outfitsssss. So, I thought it would be funny to share them on here as a quick post! To be honest, I’m making room for lots of blog photos! I know I can put them on an external drive, but its more fun to have them on my computer.. rigggght!? Anyway, without further ado!



Ok, so half of these photos are ones that are timeless outfits that I have learned from. This is one of them. This was taken in March of 2013. Wow, 3 years ago already! I still love it when I look at it (minus sunglasses on my head). I think it’s because it’s a classic silhouette.


This is from my honeymoon in June 2014.I hate it, haha. Usually, I like graphic tees. This photo makes me convinced to thow it away because it does not look flattering! Know your angles it my cautioning word of advice!


This was two days before my wedding! I went to the temple for the first time. I still love this outfit and particularly this skirt. I think a basic piece with a more fun top is a always a win. It passes the test of time as well. June 2014. Also, my husband CUTE.


This is super terrible per say, but those shoesssss. You ever look back and think, “What was I thinking?” This was definitely during my more funky fashion period. I have turned into a more classy fashion risk taker as far as the extremes. Back then it was just extreme. I still wear that skirt though. 2013 sometime.


Oh my ginger friends! (or sibs!) how cutie are they!? And well dressed!? I still love my dress. A lovely lace dress with a nice silhouette will never betray you as well. Pick one that suits your body. 2014.


Ok, this is my last one. I love this picture because I love my beautiful bestie (McKindra!!) and the background is beautiful, etc. BUT!!! If I could go back, I would rip that little head band off my head! Haha, it was trendy and cute at the time. Now, it just dates the photo so much. It’s still cute. fall 2011.

Anyway, I love all these photos and the humans in them with me! It’s just funny to see them and realize how much fashion can change in the blink of an eye. Watch out and try not to mark yourself too much 😉 Just kidding! Take risks, be cute. Don’t worry about it.

happy shopping,


Don’t forget to look for another post later today with deals& photos like these:


photos by lexi may photography 

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