Agren Update 

buenas nochesssss. (Good evening, at least this is what my 4 yrs. yellow medicine east high school and 1semester of byu-Idaho Spanish has taught me).

CJ and I have just returned for a little adventura to Utah (which was supposed to be for my internship, but my boss canceled when we arrived because of bad weather! He values my life. 👍🏻)  I enjoyed this little getaway mostly because I have been running around like a woman with my head cut off for the last few weeks with a moment to spare for CJ or myself.

The whole time, I realized that I don’t know how to convey adequate how I feel about him, or what a great time is to readers of my blog or Instagram. The term “Instagram husband” is one that we laugh about for my cutie husby, because he is patient, kind and willing to work with me when we need pictures for the blog. Luckily, we have developed enough content and I have learned how to do it myself that he has been replaced recently. *I also have been working with my pal Lexi May Photography, if you look at previous posts!* The point of this ramble… is that I don’t know how to make you feel like you were there unless I embellish with words like “darling, delicious, great”, etc. Even then, that leaves me feeling lack luster with the out come.

I was reflecting this morning. I try and I try, but this is a human thing. I wish we were all there together to enjoy that weird soda I drank last night, or that you were there to see my husband and sister dancing at miniature croquet to Beyoncé. That’s why we share, isn’t it? We love and value what we have been doing. We want others to know the things that have brought us joy.

Here’s what have brought the Agren’s joy recently: 


We have been married for almost 20 mo. and think it’s hilarious finding one of the earliest pictures we ever took with one another.

That’s much more wordy than I intended, but you get the point. Hope you are grand on this almost Feb. night! Keep cozy.


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