style files: Instagram/phone photo roll 

hello there!!! I was supposed to be a good little blogger and shoot more content today 😳 but I was busy with multiple stake meetings (see here if you don’t know what that means) and then started feeling a little sick. 

So, I started having more thoughts. What could I do to make a code round up more interesting for you? I realized something about you, cutie readers. You actually like when I tell you stuff about myself and my life! It’s so interesting to me because I think I’m ,like, a lame loser some days. (Jk, I write for a living and my future career, so I don’t use “like” in writing. It added though, right!?) 

Here’s a bunch of pictures that never make the cut to my Instagram. Mostly because I judge them and say, “Oh sick!” Or, “This will totally mess up the design aesthetic of my Instagram page.” I did it today. It made me laugh!! So, here are the ones that never made it.   


(Fav sweater. It works with almost every outfit)

(Freezingggggg to death here!!!!) 

(I can’t give up this sweatshirt. I’ve had it for so long, but I just love it!!)



For this last look, try as hard as possible to hide from the sun. 


J.crew- 30% off final sale with code SHOPSALE 

Gap– 40% off purchase with code GAMEON  

OldNavy-30% off purchase with code GAMEDAY 

H&M– 30% off 1 item with code 3264 

Clad&Cloth– 15% off your purchase with code -JUSTCUZ 

Hope you enjoyed these secret, silly photos and some codes to my favorite stores. These are some of the best promotions currently. Take advantage! 

Happy shopping, 


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