4 tips for buying jeans 

Whew! Sorry for my absence dear readers. I’m been getting tackled (insert gif here of ginger girl being hurled across football field!!) by all my responsibilities. Luckily, I think I’ve got it handled. We have some exciting things coming up at the end of this week. (hint: brand new section of hlss!!) So stay tuned! 

I got the idea of making a tip guide to buying jeans by this photo.  

 It was taken at the event of the company I now intern for! I had no idea at the time that I would be writing and developing ideas for events of my own. 😳(Sorry, tangent!) anyway… 

I think it’s important that we all find jeans we love. Sometimes I hate buying jeans more than swimsuits because the sizes are so strange. Some washes can make my thighs look large as well!! 

Here are some tips that I’ve learned over the years (through experience and reading): 

1: Pockets determine booty: I learned this from seeing and from just trying on bad jeans! (Old Navy used to look terrible on me! Luckily, they have improved.) Pockets placed too close can make you look larger in the bum. Pockets placed too high can make it look saggy. Pockets placed just right are a game changer. Always make sure the pockets flatter you! 

2: All jeans will not work on every body type: This is still a hard truth for me to accept with girlfriend jeans. Let me be frank, only the stick legs look cute in those! And that’s ok!! I look perfectly cute in a pair of ankle skinny jeans that are distressed or normal. I’ve read that tall girls should never wear ankle jeans! We all have things that don’t flatter. Just don’t do it.  


 3: Size doesn’t matter. Honestly, this took me awhile to learn. Places where I consider myself a little size in jeans one day probably change their sizing the next day. I think sewing helped this perspective. Sizes are different everywhere. Choose a fit that is fun/comfortable and ignore the size! Cut out the tag if necessary.

4: Be confident. The coolest thing about any person wearing jeans is their confidence. You can have that too! 

Follow these tips and you’ll look and feel great! 😘 

Here are some codes that will get you get deals on great jeans: 

OldNavy- 20% off everything plus free shipping! Use code YAYSALE  

 Get these cute ankle jeans (for a great price) here

GAP- 40% off your purchase. Use code MISSION  

 Flares are back and are said to be the more universally flattering jean! With the code, the price is right on these

Banana Republic- 40% off select styles
There you have it.
Happy shopping,


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