Hello little darlings. I’m back from my little break! I’m so tired. My senior project is over. We will recap my senior project pitch/booth next time. I love giving you the deals, so don’t worry, we are still here.

A little recap on today! I literally was at school for what felt like forever. When I returned home, I was exhausted and had the biggest pain in my stomach. I realized I hadn’t eaten all day! (opps… sorry mom, because I know I’m going to get a lecture!) I told CJ sorry (again) because I wasn’t going to cook at 8 pm tonight. So basically I ate McDonalds and a taco from the taco bus like the fatty I truly am. And you know what, it made a long stressful day truly magical. Sometimes when it is rainy, you have to just hold your cute husband’s hand and go on a fast food-run. (Haha, did you like my novel??…back to the good stuff).


I’m a lover of Kate Spade! I don’t know if Kate Spade is cool anymore, but I just like it a lot! The designs are always beautiful, and the brand is classy. No Miley Cyrus popping up anywhere, so that’s a plus for me! __7D0250


CJ also got me a mint colored one for our anniversary, but the lighting was so bad when I returned home from my many hours of schooling!… wait until spring to see! (See more photos like the ones above here).

Surprise Kate Spade is back! 75% off is back. It’s magical! So many good deals. I love it.

Currently craving:

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.37.14 PM.png

Cutest for spring. Get it here!

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.39.35 PM

I love the yellow detail here.

I also love this bow pendant.


25% off 803 spring essentials purchase, EXTRA 30% off sale – use code NEWNEW.

What a great deal to spring your wardrobe into the new season? haha get it…? Ok, not very funny. Anyway, this is a rare deal because sometimes you only get to have a percentage off of the last seasons swimwear. 😉

Here are some things just sitting in my basket:Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.53.37 PM

Darling details, here.

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 9.58.34 PM.png

Panama Hats for spring and summer are the cutest! Get a nice one here.


Gap is having free two-day shipping, plus 40% off! Hurry, this deals ends quickly. The best. Gap and myself have been great pals this semester. This is mostly because they are always on it with great deals.

I love their gap body line. My favorite joggers ever came from here. They were very similar to these.  Check out this dress as well that will be featured in as post later this week.

That’s all for now friends. I’ll bring the deals as they come. I have a lot of fun posts coming this week. Stay tuned. xo.

Happy shopping,





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