save vs. splurge

You’ve probably seen these all over the internet, the “save vs. splurge” posts. I’m putting my advertising and fashion merchandising classes to the test in today’s post. When companies put out certain trends, they realize that they are going to end up being”fads”. They are being produced cheaply in order to get in the market faster before the trend is over. Other things such as a baseball cap, a little black dress, (or even a pointed toe shoe) have become classics and staples in our closets.

This means you save your big bucks for classics, and buy cheap when it comes to fads. It is better to buy cheap when it comes to fads because they won’t around long. Think of LED belts or the “Clueless” style of high socks/short skirts. The point of this post is to help us all save on the fads. I have not been so smart in ever case!

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.09.36 AM


1, 2, 3,

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 10.15.18 AM


1, 2, 3

I believe the lace dress and leather tote are pretty classic. The hat is just really cute so I included it. (Hopefully it won’t be a fad, because I love those hats). There are probably better deals for a light colored hat, so I’ll continue to look if you just think it’s as cute as I do!

For one last thing, I am always baffled by the prices of quality cosmetics. I’ve been looking for great highlighters. I put each of these on my hands, and they were super comparable. One was $6 and the others were almost $30!! This is even comparable in my opinion. Check these out here and here.

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Thanks for stopping by! Remember to shop smart and always use codes!

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