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Hey girl? What’s up? Not to be a downer, but I am kind of done with summer! I feel that everyone else is all for summer. For me, as a woman (weird for me to refer to myself as that!) that is trying to dress modestly, summer is not my favorite. I just feel that my style has more depth and dimension in the fall. I live in a perfect place for it. This is much to my husband’s dismay because he is a true Arizonan. I love the fall.

Anyway, fall is great to me because there isn’t the need to dress for the heat. I love wearing hats, but I don’t in the summer because I get sweaty like a human. 😉 haha. I also love layering jackets, sweaters, and long sleeve tees. SO, I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite things from this season’s Nordstrom Anniversary sale, Gap, Urban Outfitters and more. I’ve also put some inspo photos in this post to show you how I’ll be styling myself this fall! (A few of these are also mine, so don’t judge).


I am loving the following looks and layouts:




Look a like knit dress: Gap, Black Sneakers: Nordstrom, Bag: Nordstrom 

(Inspo photos taken from Pinterest- follow me @cortneyagren)

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Top: Nordstrom, Hat: Nordstrom, Jacket: Gap (Get it now for 40% off!!), Camera: here

I’m still obsessed with overalls in case anyone is wondering? Gap is having a crazy great promo right now. If you use the code “FALL” you’ll receive 40% off your purchase. That means my raw hem jean jacket is practically no dollars at all! 🙂 They have some of the most darling fall fashions right now, including these overalls. I’ve seen them on fashion Facebook groups, blog posts, etc. and wow! They are flattering on just about every body type. There is also a striped poncho that looks legit over a jean jacket, so be sure to check that out. Urban Outfitters is also having $20 off all their BDG jeans! Go check out all those here. Great deals to be found!

I have way more finds, but my widget isn’t currently linking up! I’m going to keep working on that but I didn’t want you miss this deal. (Ps.. if anyone knows how to fix that, shoot me a message). Thanks so much for your patience. Please check back tomorrow morning (Thursday)


Ok, so I always want to make this a tad bit more personal than just a list of clothing choices and great deals. See this cute pineapple? IMG_1868.JPG

At the end of July, I had the opportunity to go to Jackson with my husband, CJ, and my parents. Jackson is like Park City (for those of you who have been). It’s a resort town, really beautiful, really touristy, and really, REALLY expensive. It was a week, or so, before my birthday so CJ said I could look around and maybe get something for myself. Honestly, no I couldn’t. Haha. Every piece of clothing I liked in these stores was basically $500!! And no sistas.. those weren’t Louboutins we were looking at. (Aka rip off!!) Anyway, to add to my embarrassment of looking around, and not having sales associates say hi to me, (Aka hi poor loser red head) I definitely picked up a little pineapple that looked exactly like this. I bet you know the rest. IN SLOW MOTION, I broke it. I felt like I was going to die. Luckily, they gave me a discount, plus it was already the cheapest thing in there (easily the best $20 I ever spent on just the bottom of a pineapple)! LONG LONG story short, CJ and I laughed it off, and my cute sister bought me the exact same one for my birthday a few days later. 🙂 Ps.. sorry for the bad grammar. I thought it would be more dramatic this way, like a rant!


May your pineapples all be in tack, and may the deals ever be in your favor.




One thought on “favorite fall finds

  1. I’m loving these fall styles. If only I didn’t work on business dress job I’d be joining you! Also, you can get that same pineapple at Target to make up for your woes :).


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