fall fresh: keeping clothes looking like new

Hello my darling readers! Today, I’m changing up the content a little bit today on HLSS. This is probably because of my recent obsession with cleaning. Haha. I think I have always loved having things clean and tidy, but now I have so much time. I am excited to share my tips and tricks to keeping clothes looking like new. I am happy to report that I am still rockin’ some pieces from high school or freshman year of college. Here’s how:

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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

  • Be kind to your jeans.- A common misconception is that denim has to be washed a ton and a ton. It doesn’t. They actually discourage you in a lot of style books or laundry books from washing your denim too often. Denim is a more heavy duty fabric and it doesn’t really hold on to smell (at least at our house)! A few of my other favorite tips for jeans are:
    • For jeans with excess dye: Ughhh… this one took a lot of time to figure out. Luckily, I was in college when I figured out. A multi-thousand degree…I was learning something 😉 Wash jeans inside out with cold water. Don’t use any detergent, only half a cup of vinegar. This help a lot with my problem. I did this and they kept the color of the dye but not all the excess. You can also wash light wash jeans with special dye jobs in the same way. Be sure to do this! I have a spot of excess dye on the back of my mint Kate Spade purse. It’s such a bummer because I was feeling lazy. You know I washed those jeans the right way after that!
  • If you didn’t sweat, don’t wash.- It’s that simple. If you’ve only briefly worn it, don’t wash. My mom would always do this with our church clothes because we would only wear them for a few hours. There a certain shirts or sweaters that are worn over other clothes that never catch the body odors. I am constantly wearing undershirts. This means they are getting the blunt of my pitt tacos. (HAHA TMI? What did you expect from me…) If you aren’t sure if something stinks, as a roomie or your husband, etc. They will help you determine if it can go back on the hanger/drawer or in the hamper it goes! Ultimately, your clothes won’t look as ratty and you’ll be grateful!
  • Never underestimate a steamer or iron.- Amen. The end.

Wash out the stale smells.- This is more just for personal preference. I just think when you are pulling your fall wardrobe back out, they often smell stale. I like to start washing things in preparation to make sure they are ready for me to wear. I have recently become obsessed (I MEAN OBSESSED) with Downy Unstoppables. I am constantly smelling myself. When I wash sheets and blankets with this stuff, it keeps the scent forever. I think all the other scents besides blue are barf-city, but sniff away for yourselves!!!!!!!!!img_2385

(PS… I’m gaining nothing by telling you about Unstoppables.. just literally a product that I am loving recently). Here’s a coupon though. I am a member of P&G here. This gives you access to a ton of great household/hygiene coupons. I am the deal girl, I’ve got to hook you up.


I hope as you prep your fall wardrobes you are feeling fancy and fall ready! Treat your clothes kindly, and they will treat you kindly too. 🙂

happy shopping,




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