Gel-Like Nails in a Snap: FomulaX The System XCEL Review

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Hello all! Welcome back to HLSS. Today, I wanted to share with you my new best way to save money. Recently, I received “FormulaX System XCEL” from Influenster for testing purposes. I also received their “Delete All” remover. I was honestly a little skeptical.

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If you couldn’t/can’t tell, I had the nail polish on in this photo as well. This was taken on the first day of the manicure. I am still wearing the nail polish today which makes it day five. Normal nail polish is typically chipping at this point. Luckily, this is a gel-like nail polish, so it doesn’t chip until about day 11. In my opinion, you can wear it until about day 14 without anyone noticing.

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There are four steps to this incredible system. There was some misunderstanding on my Instagram yesterday, so let me clear that up:

  1. Use the CLEANSE (BLUE tint). This helps prepare the nail for the other polishes.
  2. Use the PRIME (VIOLET tint). This acts as a quick drying agent for the rest.. honestly I feel like the cleanse dries in 0.1 second of apply. You catch my drift.
  3. Use the COLOR( WHATEVER color you choose). This is probably the hardest to learn. It is not a normal consistency because it is a little thicker. The first time I did it I was frustrated, but this second time It turned out perfectly! You just have to learn it.
  4. Use the SHINE (CLEAR tint). This is where you get the gel finish. This dries quickly. it also covers up imperfections. The first time I used the set and was frustrated with my pink layer, the shine layer made it look so, so good.
  5. Admire your light-less, quick drying, easy gel job! 🙂

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If you are interested here is the set: The System XCEL

Choose your color here (free with the set)! My color is “TGIF”. Need some remover that works on this gel and your normal nail polish? See here.

This has changed my nail life and I am getting nothing out of telling you any of this. I just love sharing good products. I used to love going to get gel manicures every now and again, but this is a game changer. The “Delete All” also removes your nail polish and shows you that your nails are not damaged (another benefit to skip the shellac).

I hope you are enjoying your weekend. What are your plans for this Saturday? It was a balmy 33 degrees when we woke up this morning!

happy Saturday shopping,


*I was given FormulaX The System XCEL complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own.



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