24 reasons to love your significant other more

img_2615Today is a very special day at our house… it’s CJ’s 24th birthday. I figured because he is such a great supporter of this blog (who knows if he reads it?? He sure does put in the work for it) I need to dedicate a post to him. I hope you will forgive me not having the usual-fashion, deals, beauty- today. Those posts will resume tomorrow.

I’ll start off by saying, I don’t have a perfect marriage. In fact, a lot of the time I think it’s hard work. I don’t effortlessly flit from flower to flower singing lullabies. Molding two personalities that are on extreme ends of the spectrum (like they are at my house!) is hard work. I know there are a million and one articles saying the opposite, and that’s good and fine. The best part is that we all have such different experiences within marriage that make us better. When everything else washes away, I do love CJ more than all the corn dogs, Kate Spade purses, and even Capri Blue Candles. He is one of the best constants in my life, and like me, is typically a very happy human. We live happily here in Idaho, where we go on walks, Friday night dates, and (he) takes out the trash.

Without further ado, here are 24 reasons to love your significant other more:

24. He’s responsible.

23. He’s dependable. (I don’t really ever have the thought that he’s going to ditch me)

22. He’s disciplined. (I have never seen someone spend so much time studying and get such great results).

21. He’s so smart.. it’s annoying.

20. He’s realistic.

19. He takes out the trash.

18. He has learned to clean a bathroom and does it (almost) once a week.

17. He has become a great provider in 2 yrs. of marriage!

16. He knows I like the bed made a certain way and doesn’t do it because he thinks it’s funny!

15. When I start cleaning, he starts cleaning.

14. He always does the dishes when I cook. (We are still working on wiping the counter top, so I do that).

13. He’s always on time. It’s a shame his wife is always late. hashtag I’mworkingonit,prettysureit’sgenetic

12. He goes to the store, if I’ve made a list, because I hate it.

11. He spoons me even though I’m a “heater”.

10. He scratches my back when I feel sick. (THIS SHOULD BE MY NUMBER ONE!!)

9. He values me as a wife.

8. When praying, he always thanks Heavenly Father for our marriage. 🙂

7. He respects multiple opinions and ideas even if they aren’t the same as his own. -Honestly, I’ve never seen him respond to someone in a disrespectful way.

6. He has a strong moral compass.

5. He brings me flowers for no reason (or if I am upset).

4. He has a strong commitment to this tiny family of just him and me.

3. He’s still the hottest human to me. (Bleeeeh. I know. Sorry, you have to sometimes!)

2. He has always honored our marriage.

1. He always puts his relationship with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ before me.

BONUS: He always gives me a kiss after we pray together.


I hope this got you thinking about what great things your spouse has done for you. As I was compiling this, I thought it would be hard to come up with 24 things! Honestly, I wish I could choose a bigger number because once you start to count your blessings (or what your spouse has done for you), I think you will be surprised how many there are.

Happy Birthday, CJ Agren. I love you a whole lot.

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8 thoughts on “24 reasons to love your significant other more

      1. Sometimes a marriage can be perfectly imperfect! I am so happy you are finding joy in that terrific guy. You are both a delight to us and we love you so much. Dad A


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