4 of My Everyday Must Haves

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Hello beauties! Today, I wanted to share what brings the wind beneath my wings. What can’t I live without ? Read on to learn about things I literally cannot function without. These are used pretty much daily to survive.

My Faves

  1. MAC Lipsticks (typically MATTE)– An ongoing problem because they cost $17 a pop. The problem is that the lipsticks don’t smell like wax and don’t dry out my lips. (Aka no problem at all!) This makes them an OK investment… like once a year. Too bad I use one at least 4 times a week. My current fave is “ARIANNA GRANDE 2“! It’s a perfect purple pink. I love “SAINT GERMAIN” during the summer months (light Barbie pink) Other favorites include: REBEL,and  KINDA SEXY.
  2. Mascara– Doesn’t matter the brand, mostly because I’m one that can’t decide on whether or not a mascara is good unless it’s Benefit or Mac. Don’t worry, I use it so much that I would never invest in those unless they are free samples or for my wedding. When you get free samples, it’s a great time to find your favorite mascaras. Beware, though! Personally, I don’t feel productive unless I’ve put on mascara for the day. Red hair yields light lashes aka I look like a naked mole rat.
  3. Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash– This has been my favorite body wash for years! I use it everyday when showering. I used to get bad eczema on my arms once I moved to Idaho. This wash and the sensitive one are the best to keep your skin smooth. My sisters and husband love touching my forearms because they think my skin is like a baby’s. Check out my secret for soften skin in dry climates Here and here. 
  4. Anastasia Clear Brow Gel– Even when I don’t feel like filling my eyebrows (surprise if you didn’t know, haha!) this gel keeps my light brows in place. I have curly, coarse eyebrows that need to be set. This gel is amazing. I wear it even when I go makeup-less to the gym, etc. Get it here.  This is an investment at $22, but a tube literally can last 1.5-2 years for my brows. Brows on fleek! (I used to use a drugstore kind, but my brows are literally wild).

For great deals on cosmetics and more, click here. 


I really must have CJ in my life too! That husband of mine really brightens my day. He is always excited to see me when he wakes up (a rare feat for a non morning person). Who has the best influence on your day? I want to know about the great things in each of your lives. I’m always grateful to hear about others’ experiences and “peaks of your days”!

I wanted to share more about myself today. Although it’s a little more superficial than I like, I decided this was a good way for you to know what I have been using for years and years. Leave a comment below with your favorite products! I’m always on the hunt for better deals and great stuff. Tune in next time for a very special post! If you need anything or have questions, email hello@happylittleshoppingsecret.com and I will definitely try to help you out. 🙂

happy shopping,


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