My Morning Routine

Good morning everyone! Happy Tuesday. It’s the week of Thanksgiving, and boy am I excited. Who doesn’t love a two day work week, right? We will be traveling this afternoon and a bit tomorrow night. I love traveling, even if it’s not across the globe. Every place has its own story and interesting things to show. I’m excited to take you with me. 

This week also brings Black Friday. I have been curating lists of deals you might like. If you were following along last year, I created several list-like posts with all the info you needed. Would you like to see that format again or should I add my picks from each sale? Comment below and let me know! Be sure to subscribe so you can receive updates on Friday😘

Ok, whew. I think that was everything. Today, I’m sharing my morning routine. You may be wondering if this is about skincare, makeup etc. It’s not. As humans, we wake up and sometimes it’s not so easy. I’m a total morning person and some mornings I just can’t. Here are a few ways I help myself get up and going in the morning. 

(I’ve been trying these things for about two weeks–they help me feel more energized during work and more willing to get up!! Enjoy.) 

Wake up. Obviously this is the first step to the morning, Cortney…duh. Seriously though, how we wake up in the morning really does determine the rest of our day. If I keep trying to go back to sleep, or I’m hitting the snooze button, the chances are I’m going to feel like garbage all day. When your alarm first goes off, try sitting up, drinking some water or stretching. (I always have a water bottle wherever I go, including my bedside table😏.) 

Make your bed. I once listened to a TedTalk that said if your made your bed everyday, your brain recognizes that you could accomplish things that day. Even if the day goes terribly, you can look back and remember that you did that right this morning. It also helps you wake up. You probably aren’t likely to go back to sleep in an unmade bed. I’m obsessed with coming home to a made bed when my day has finished. It’s nice to know everything is nicely kept while you’re away. 

Brush your teeth. Nothing makes me feel as terrible as morning breath. Once I brush my teeth, it helps me know it’s time to start waking up. This is the same at night, but in reverse. (Read about nighttime routines! They seriously help you fall asleep faster). I’m seriously OCD about oral hygiene (I’m not saying this to be funny.. It’s true), so I pretty much always end up brushing them again later before I leave the house for work. 

Exercise. I know, who in the right mind wants to do that early in the morning? Warm up your muscles and your brain by doing some light stretches. Maybe you like jumping jacks or push-ups! Do something that will keep the endorphins flowing after you have finished. Some of you may know this, but I work at a computer all day. When I don’t exercise before work, I feel like I’m dying. I typically do yoga around 7:30 am. This helps my muscles be engaged and I sweat which equals endorphins. (TMI about the sweaty–sorry!) 

Take a minute for yourself. For me, this looks like drinking a hot chocolate before I shower or watching a YouTube makeup tutorial while I get ready. (ps… I’m obsessed with KathleenLights.) Do I actually attempt said tutorial? Not usually. It’s just about taking a second to do something you love before you dive into the treachery of your day. Haha maybe that’s a bit dramatic. 

You’ve seen this pic below a ton, but it illustrates my point, haha.

Get ready for the day. This is typically when I shower and do my hair and makeup. I don’t wash my hair everyday because I would be freezing to death if I did. (It never dries!!) I like to let my hair air dry for the most part to avoid damage. (Girrrrl, I need a haircut! Hit me up with suggestions below). Photo from Unsplash. Girl, don’t I wish my makeup was this perfect!!

Get dressed and ponder. For me, getting dressed is the best part of my day. I obviously love clothes so being creative with them brings me joy in the morning. I also am typically listing to the scriptures while I do this (sometimes I listen in the car as well). I like to show God that I remember Him each day! I also am pondering what I have to do that day. This gets me in the mindset  to conquer the day. 

Pray. I literally always have to pray before I leave the house. Sometimes this happens earlier but sometimes it just happens later. The important thing to me is that it happens. My days always go better when I know Heavenly Father is with me. This is all just about taking time to show gratitude for all we have been given. CJ and I have felt so blessed by the Lord that we can’t not pray. 
If your wondering about breakfast, I typically feel sick when I think about breakfast before 9-10 am. That means I’m typically eating an applesauce squeeze while I drive 😂😂

Watch for my next posts dedicated to the art of the deal. I hope these tips were helpful. Let me know in the comments below if you like this post or if you would like to see other content on here. I feel like I’m in a rut, so any help would be great! Xoxo 


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