anthro extra 30% off sale! 

Typically I probably won’t post this quickly in a row but anthropologie’s sale right now is kickin’! I probably won’t even post about anthropologie much because they are probably out of the price range for most of my intended target audience (including myself most days! Haha) Usually they only do an extra 20% off, so I thought this was worth a quick post because it’s 30%. (Like literally on the WordPress app at my in-laws cabin, and I don’t buy stuff unless it’s a super steal!!)

Anyway: the code for 30% off is XTRAXTRA 

I’m not sure when it ends at all because they never actually tell you (haha)but just take advantage when the sale is still good because all the good stuff sells out quickly! There is also free shipping for orders $150 and above &if that’s in your budget go crazy ☺️

Here are some of my picks!

(Tried this on and am obsessed still) Glimmered tee $28 with code [here]

II also super love Tasseled Lattitudes Tee, it’s like a new spin on our old favorite striped tee! [here]  $35 with code

Dipped dye cowl back tee $34 with code [here]  (comes in super cute teal too!)

Anthro is super expensive so make sure when you are looking through their sale stuff you don’t get shocked. Just have in mind what you want or it can get overwhelming. It’s always joyous when they have good sales because they have some super cute stuff! I can continue to post picks on here all day, but I won’t bore you 🙂 (sorry if the formatting is janky! Literally posting from my iPhone)

happy shopping!

xo Cortney



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