4 fall essentials 

ok, so I really thought this would be a fun post (but maybe I’m just not very fun? Haha) honestly, fall is my favorite season. I’ve heard that’s a “basic” girl (which who even makes these phrases a thing, am I right?) thing to say, but it’s not because I like to eat pumpkin. Truth be told, I like that too.

It is mostly because the clothes! The clothes! Oh the clothes are just so beautifully made in fall. the best part is that the air is crisp but you don’t have to wear a heavy coat yet to cover them up! Ahhhhhh, I’m obsessed.

So, I’ve rounded up a couple of my fav pieces from around the web to show you my current must haves.

4. Blanket Scarf – I feel like the blanket scarf is infinity scarf’s sophisticated older sister. It can be shaped into anything you want. My favorite part is when on the plane i literally took it off and just used it as a blanket it. Haha 🙂

 I currently own this one. I know a lot of you have probably seen it on Pinterest. (Yes I’m that chick who gets obsessed with a piece of clothing off Pinterest and can’t stop until she finds it!) Get it [here]

3. Dainty Gold Jewelry- any fashion girl on a budget knows that this is a no brainer! There are tons of places to find good quality, gold-plated necklaces that will last. A Date bar necklace, initial pendant, etc. are all really cute and add a personal touch to your look. (Generally I choose gold because silver looks terrrible on my skin haha!)

  get it [here)

2. Longline cardigan- take a look back at my previous post to see a favorite pick: the super cute, super easy;on sale thanks to ASOS [here]😍 also a cute one at gap

 gap cardigan [here] (extra 40% off right now)

1. Booties- whatever your style preppy or edgy, every girl can appreciate a good pair of booties! And they are so versitale! I just bought this pair last week.

 Get them [here]

That’s all I got this time! Tune in here for more deals. Thanks again for everything! (Fun fact about this post is that it was supposed to be posted yesterday and the majority was written then. I began falling asleep and when I woke up this morning parts of it were filled in that I don’t recall writing!) haha have a good one everybody!
Happy shopping!

xo Cortney.

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