mini pajama land 

For my mama friends! We always need pajamas for the entire family. I have broken up this post into a few price points to make things a little easier. I hope this makes your life less stressful! I had fun picking out these darling little sets, but I definitely had to do research and ask people what was appropriate price points! I asked my most budget-savy sister. Haha so I hope most of these are within your price points, enjoy!

(Also, such a boo about the boys selection 😭).

Low range $6-10.

(For old navy picks, USE CODE- EXTRAGIFT for 30% off) 


get here

Get here

Get here

Get here
Higher range $10.99-16.40

(For GAP picks USE CODE DASH to be included in price range! I promise they are all in the promised price range!!! Most are around 12, the yeti boys print is the outlier ☺️)

Get these here

Get here

Get here (for boys or girls!)

Get here

Get this darling here

Reindeers live here!

This is definitely my favorite boys pick, but not as budget friendly! Our $16 pick is here.

Get these darling fair-isle Bears here.

I hope this helps aleviate any stress on all moms out there. Merry Christmas pajamas to all! Enjoy these deals from Carters, Gap, and Old Navy. Be sure to use the codes to get the most of your money. I can’t wait to see your little darlings in their Christmas pajamas! Be sure to tag me in your Christmas pajama photos on insta with the tag (#hlsspajamaland)!
happy (pajama) shopping!


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