finals survival: hlss style tips

Hello my ladies! It’s finals time which means we are all in such a pinch. What do I do when I am in a pinch? I keep my methods so simple. I literally dry shampoo my hair like crazy and if needed add texture with sea salt spray! Idaho winters are also so dry, so Olay quench has been my pal since 2011.





TO APPLY DRY SHAMPOO: use rat tail comb to section off hair at roots. Spray desired amount and let sit until dry. (This particular dry shampoo comes out wet and then dries but works well for volume.) Work product into roots until all remnant is not visible. Comb/brush through to finish. 

TO APPLY SEA SALT SPRAY: Spray a small amount on the ends on hair. (yuck don’t get this on your new dry shampoo-clean roots!!!!!) Scrunch for good measure. Let dry. 

Lotion is self explanatory, right!!!? 😉

As far as fashion goes during finals, just be sure to KISS.


You will still want to look you best for your presentations/campaigns  (if you are a Public Relations emphasis like me!) so be sure to not wear sweats all week. There is still a sure fire way to look cute but not take time away from you studies.

I always pick a basic top that I know will look good with any pair of jeans and booties. Then, I don’t waste any more brain power. I can always accessorize  it up with a beanie or blanket scarf if needed.

 A plaid shirt/ and long cardigan combo is also another easy combo that works great during finals. No muss, no fuss and you are out the door. Pair with your favorite dark jeans and light booties and you look like your favorite instagramer!

 Try something like this!

Don’t worry, need some retail relief for your finals woes!?


J.CREW 30-40% off sweaters and free shipping off everything with code FRIDAY! 

Anthro weekend- not a member!? Become one and you too can get 25% off any full priced item!!! USE CODE- 2FORYOU (ends Sunday at 11:59 pt). 

There it is my darlings! Some quick deals , style tips, and beauty tricks to get you through finals. It will all be over soon and then we can all enjoy a great break! What are your plans? I can’t wait to see what you are all up to!

happy shopping




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