green thumb

Welcome back! Finals are over, whew. And believe it or not… I survived my sister’s wedding in the middle of all of it! 😳 That’s a little crazy, right?! We made another trip less than 24 ho. after returning to Rexburg to come and see CJ’s fam. It’s been fun seeing almost all of our family members in the last week.
Well, I’ve been a bad blogger with all that we’ve had to accomplish. I’ve been holding out on you! Lexi May Photography (my dear friend!) decided to do a fun spring shoot with me, back when the weather was not spring at all. The greenhouse was the very best option, and we both realized very quickly that we’d either like to live in or work in one someday. 

Lexi has been the best to work with because she is always putting me first! I’m not really that kind of gal, I’m willing to do what needs to be done for this little blog. She literally wipes the ground for me, makes sure I’m warm, and I just love her. It also doesn’t hurt that I just keep talking while she takes photos 😂 be sure to check out her work! 

Ok, a lot of writing… But here you go. 


 OUTFIT DEETS: jumper dress: Gap, striped tee: Gap, shoes: Old Navy

Use code LTDTIME for an extra 35% off clothing at Gap! 

Use code BIGSAVE for 20% off at Old Navy.


   Haha …so this little smock dress probably should have been sized down, but it will come in handy some day when a baby Agren is in my belly! I was worried about length, but eh. What can you do!? It looks darling with a variety of shirts underneath. Including (one of my all time faves, which you know if you follow this blog): 

Thanks for helping my little blog grow!  
Happy shopping, 


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