Girls in blue dresses 

There’s finally a moment to breathe! Whew. What a nice time it is to have a break from school. CJ and I are grateful to be back in Rexburg (mostly to see our bed because it’s so deliciously comfortable)! 

We helped with Haley’s wedding. Please direct all praise here for how beautiful she is… Cuz I did her hair and makeup. LOLZ. Really, it didn’t take much. She does have silky hair, so hair spray and re-curling often was a must! She is happy and married. It was a joy to see LandOLakes looking at her like she was the best thing, as well as being gathered in the temple with so many of my siblings. Crazy to think everyone has babies and spouses!? Haley and I used to just be young ladies, playing on the tennis team and singing high school musical songs. 😍 now we are married and she will probably have a baby soon 😏 (hahaha, just kidding!!) 

A quick note: our sister Brandice, let Haley and me wear her hair piece on each of our wedding days. This was interesting to try and make it work for both of us, but it’s sweet to look back at all of our photos now. We get to remember that we have that in common, despite having completely different weddings.  

 (Photo credit to Heather Ellis for Haley’s hair piece photo. She also took my photos. Another family tradition). 

Anyway, there’s a lot of writing. Here are a lot of pictures! Enjoy. Haley got her wedding dress from the same place as mine, so that was fun. Most of the other things are from ASOS. The bridesmaid dresses were Chi Chi London. 


It was so windy at the temple, so that’s why I had to lay my head down. Haha. Enjoy! Remember to always keep the main thing the main thing at all weddings. When it’s family first, it really ends up being sweet. 

happy shopping, 


One thought on “Girls in blue dresses 

  1. I love the bridesmaid dresses! (Wait…isn’t beautiful brides made dresses an oxymoron? You guys prove the critics wrong! :)) And I so love the continuing legacy of the “sistahs” hairpiece. Neat!


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