style for the books

A fun shoot that I kind of forgot about with Lexi of Lexi May Photography. She and I thought it would be cute to take photos in a book store. It is a fun twist instead of me standing on a street. We always try to give clothes an authentic feel. As you know, my target audience is college students and young moms. You are all about living lives. You won’t just be standing on the street watching life pass you by.


That’s what this shoot was all about. It was hilarious trying not to make too big of a mess. We also were in Deseret Book. So, we were determined to find the cutest things to pose with. Lexi always does such a great job with me. Hashtag BLESSSSSEDDD.



Top-Old Navy, Jeans- H&M, (Similar here), Booties-Hope Ave. , Hat- Old Navy (similar here).

STYLING: The shirt  linked can get a little wrinkled. It kind of gives it a linen/muslin look. Perfect for summer. Honestly, it reminds me of a perfume commercial where a girl is wearing it over a bikini with only a few buttons buttoned. Is that weird? Anyway, it’s really lightweight and the cut is cute! I style it by tucking it completely in somedays and half-way in other days! (Ps.. like $10 right now!)

I’ve linked a better option hat for summer. Straw hats are definitely on trend. I am loving them. If you use the code SAVEMORE on any Old Navy purchases above you can save 25% on your orders! Stay tuned, I’ve got more fun things planned. Sorry again for my MIA. I’ve been working on growing my brand, which means more fun collabs with small brands. Which in turn means cooler deals for all of you! Thanks for being so good to me!


happy shopping,








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