anniversary trip style

Hello all! If you have been following along on Instagram, you probably saw me on a sweet little getaway in downtown SLC with my lova boy last weekend. What a sweet time that was. It definitely got me recharged for this weekend. Which was…

doom doom doom— WISDOM teeth extraction. I have one side swollen face and one side normal as we speak! It’s hilarious. And by hilarious, I mean tragic. I keep crying for corn dogs. So, if you guys want to send some over.. I will forever be in your debt. Clayton says no way to me. He’s probably right. Hey, when your wife is on drugs for the first time, AMIRIGHT!!!? GIVE HER CORN DOGS.

Jk. But honestly, here’s a little recap of our trip and our outfits. Deals included, sistas! (And brothassss!)

IMG_0855We invited Haley & Landon to dine and swim with us. We stayed at Little America. Ps… I’ve loved eating here since I was a little girl. I highly recommend. IMG_0856I promise my swimsuit does not always fit that tight… yikes!! (Only after eating really good food). Speaking of which, we will talk about my swimsuit choice in a post next week. 😉 IMG_0858IMG_0888IMG_0894We swam so much after eating, I think I literally drank half the pool. My sister kept laughing because I couldn’t back float.

swimming suit –here, bottoms –here, and cover-here.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

IMG_0922IMG_0921We are wearing clothes under these because the thought of being naked with tons of other people in robes is just terrible. IMG_0924IMG_0926Ok, seriously… this dress was so cute! It was the most darling fit. Definitely too short to cover all my needs, if you know what I mean. Fun to try though. My fitting room attendant liked it too 🙂 In search of a graduation dress! Dress –hereIMG_0925

After staying at Little America, we decided to stay where we first stayed as a married couple before our honeymoon: The Grand Hilton! Sadly, this was a bad choice. We parked in parking garage down below the Hilton per instructions and things started going wrong from there. Basically, after being treated great at Little America we were treated like dirt at the Hilton having to pay for every little thing. Upon checking out, (which was when we were leaving to go to church) we noticed chips in the glass on my car window, likely meaning someone had tried to break in. Sorry Hilton. We will not be returning.

Sorry CJ, that you have a dumb dumb wife that didn’t just let you stay at Little America where they bring you chocolates and ice each night. Plus, I like any place that also has hot chocolate besides coffee in the room, so I can drink it 🙂

We were fortunate because we were staying downtown to walk around Temple Square while walking to church on Sunday morning. This is where the Salt Lake temple is located. CJ and I were sealed there on June 13th, 2014. What a sweet thing that was to have CJ (for once!!) remind me of where we took pictures as we walked to attend sacrament meeting in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. IMG_0937IMG_093420160612_121626

CJ really wanted a pic of me on the pedestal, but didn’t want any part in it. Husbands hate pictures sometime! Yikes. Dress- old anthro. Shoes-here


All in all, it’s the best being married! Sometimes it is hard. I would be lying if I said I didn’t have to work to have a happy marriage some days. But honestly, I am in love with CJ so much more because of the service and love we both put into our marriage. He has made my life so much sweeter with his happy attitude and silly sense of humor. I think that’s why we get along. I also love having a friend always around to scratch my back, and someone to snuggle each morning! He’s the best at motivating me to be better in both the gospel and in temporal things. And let’s be real, he’s so handsome.

What a dream it’s been! IMG_0686__7D0450Bennett Bridals-23IMG_0975IMG_0976


I know longest post ever, but..

Right now, you can get 15% off any purchase at Anthropologie if you’re an Anthro member! Not one? No worries! Become one& you get the discounts! 🙂 Hurry, it ends Sunday.

Old Navy is giving you extra 30% off clearance with code JACKPOT. Snag my swimmer for even less!

J.Crew is having a super deal with  40% off summer picks & extra 40% off sale styles. Use code SUMMER.


I hope you enjoyed the little recap of our love, my wisdom teeth doom, and these sales! Tune in tomorrow for a summer style essential post that will surely get you ready for the 4th!

happy shopping,



PS.. so sorry for all the rambling I may have done in this post. You’re the greatest!

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