kate spade surprise

What’s up darlings? I just got back from a lovely weekend in Utah. It was one of those weekends where I had planned to take all these amazing blogs photos, but I was having so much fun that I couldn’t even stop to take my camera out. It was a great weekend for living! Don’t be afraid to have weekends like that! We even got some shopping in like proper ladies (my sister and I) and got some jeans from express for $40. That’s great deal. I am still wearing jeans from them that I got in high school, and the quality is legit.

I also enjoyed swimming a lot (more like wrestling during an intense bball game in the pool!) I managed to not get a sunburn which is always a plus for me. We also saw James the Mormon in concert for his birthday! That was an interesting event. Haha it’s always fun to dance in large crowds, and I’m all for concerts but I’m so short 😁


Anyway, sorry about all the blah blah. Today, I wanted to talk about my favorite sales! Kate Spade is one of my all time favorite brands, so getting things from them for 75% OFF is beyond amazing. I have multiple bags and clutches from this particular sale! It’s the best deal for Kate Spade.  I’ve curated a list of my faves below:

  1. southport avenue cora 
  2. cove street provence— I have this in mint! I love the indigo for fall 🙂
  3. grey street wilder— I love the backpack trend, plus aubergine is all the heart eyes!
  4. patterson court brynlee

I hope you enjoy these picks! As always, peruse the sale yourself to find your magic bags, wallets and jewelry. I always like to find more petite bags or the most affordable bags!

I’m grateful for the continued support. Happy Little Shopping Secret is great fun for me. I love what I do. I love creating photos, looking for the best deals, and being apart of fun collaborations that will benefit you.


thanks so much. and happy shopping,



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