5 Crisp Weather Trends

In case you missed it, I’ve been thanking everyone for all the support I’ve been getting lately. I’ve been seeing insane growth on my Instagram and here on the blog! It means so much to me and it doesn’t go unnoticed. As far us CJ and I, we are having a tough time adjusting back to school time! We are used to spending a lot of time together. It’s a little strange to not have him around, but luckily I have plenty of blog planning going on.I’m currently cuddle up at home with candles burning, enjoying cozy life! Fall is here, and I’m enjoying. Cuddle up with a hot cocoa, and let’s get started. 🙂

As far as this post goes…Hey, hey, hey! Here I am (again) giddy about fall. Today, I wanted to share what trends I am most excited about this season. There are so many good ones that can be taken advantage of, no matter your style. Let’s get started!



The bomber jacket is a fantastic place to start for more crisp temps. It is great for layering and perfect for those fall football games you will be attending with a thermos of apple cider!  Here is my own, linked below:





I know everyone’s crazy about the Hunter Boots, but recently these have my heart. Honestly, I really love the short rain boots right now. They are seriously so, so cute and go with just about everything. I recently just scored this pair from Sam Edelman for only $30 over Labor Day. Luckily, they came on the rain-est day (ever!!) here in Idaho.







I kind of love the sweet dusty pink for fall. It appeared at NYFW last winter when the Fall lines appeared. It is adorable. These were paired with warm toned yellows at fashion week, try that for a fashion forward look. If not, try pink on pink for chic jumpsuit look. Linked below are some of my favorite pink pieces.


Plaid is appearing everywhere again which is basically my love language. I have a major love for the richer colors and textiles. Pair plaids with contrasting colors for a bold look. I adore greens plaids with maroon or wine colored pants. Here’s my favorite plaid from my closet:




This is a great way to achieve the embroidered look for less. You can pin whatever you want onto the right side of a jacket, down the sleeve of a shirt, or on the back of your bomber jacket. Here are some of my favorites pins or brooches styled here! I’ve also linked some below in my Pinterest graphic. (You can pin it for later if you want to save this links for another time!)


(pic is from @Nordstrom Instagram 🙂 )

1// 2// 3// 4// 5// 6// 7//

I hope you enjoyed this quick post with some of my favorite current trends. These are so exciting. I personally am looking forward to styling these on my blog and in my everyday style. Isn’t fashion so fun? I feel like when we try to follow trends and dress our old clothes up it makes things more fun. Be sure to take my poll below. I want to give you guys a chance to tell me what you want to see more of. Thanks for stopping by.

happy shopping,


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