I Heart Mimi: Grow It Girl Review 

Hi, dolls! Welcome back to HLSS! Today, I wanted to share a product that I recently started using (as well as a coupon code). 

Has anyone heard of Grow It Girl? It sells out crazy fast on Urban Outfitters and is a fan favorite. The cool thing about Grow It Girl is that it is made with all natural oils and things like “Rose oil”! Some reviews say that it smells chemically, but if you’ve ever smelled organic oils such as tea tree, etc. it has the same sort of smell!! (But much prettier!!) 

To Use Grow It Girl, I apply it to damp hair and rub it into my roots. This helps when I let it air dry a ton! (I have thick, coarse hair). The product comes in a little sprayer that honestly has a ton of liquid in it. It sprays out as a nice mist that you can spritz all over your hair. After the spritzing, I then use my fingers to rub it into my roots. I also try spraying underneath layers as well. I have been only applying it after I wash my hair. That means it only get used once or twice a week currently. I know other reviews state that they use it on dry hair as well, which is worth a try! 

I’m honestly obsessed with it. I get a really  dry scalp during cold, dry months that itches like crazy sometimes. Grow It Girl always stops the itch if I rub it into my roots. It also helps to make my hair shinny and manageable. These have been the biggest benefits I’ve seen! 

I feel like my hair has gotten longer, but sadly I didn’t do a before picture! (I know, so dumb). I love this product and I’m happy to be sharing a code so you can try it too! USE CODE: CortneyXOXO for 15% off and free express shipping! This code will only work on I Heart Mimi’s website and not urban! Take advantage and give it a try for a discounted price 😍😘

I hope you like this post. Let me know of any questions below or any posts you would like to see in the future. 

Happy shopping, 

*This product was giving to me to test and review by I Heart Mimi. All opinions are my own.* 

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