Agren Update Part 3: Happy December!

Welcome back! Today I’m sharing an update on our life. I always like to do these once in awhile so you can know more about what we do, what we like to do or eat,etc.

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CJ and I are so excited to enter the holiday season. Christmas is simply the best time of the year. We are currently trying to participate in #LighttheWorld. You probably realized that when you saw my Instagram post on Sunday. This has been a great way for us to reflect on how much the Savior has blessed our lives. (To learn more, click here) Also, fun fact: 3 years ago around this time, my sweet husband FINALLY realized that he wanted to marry me. (LOLZZ… kinda silly because he told me he loved me WAY too early!.. just kidding Ceej.)Nevertheless, I love him and he has made my life brighter than I could’ve imagined. I can’t tell you how often he makes me laugh and is willing to serve me. He also lets me keep my car in our car port so I don’t have to scrape or clear my windows in the morning. If that’s not true love, I don’t know what is.

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Currently, I’m living in a sick bed! I’m blaming the power outage last night in -15 weather. Yessss… you read that right. Now we are just in a winter storm warming. Great, right? I honestly love when it snows, but I don’t love being cold indoors.

CJ is at a work meeting currently. I feel like I have been sewing (what feels like) so many buttons on his shirts for work. He works in BYU-Idaho’s clinic, so he has to be dressed up each day. He looks so handsome, but dang! He only gets to wear oxford shirts, ties and slacks. He continues to be of good cheer (almost) each day. CJ is so good at being happy, which makes me think we are a perfect fit! We are hardly ever grumpy here lately. Our marriage continues to get sweeter with time. He also continues to “kill it” in his incredibly hard classes, which makes me proud. It makes me think we won’t be poor forever because he’s such a hard worker. Haha.

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In contrast to CJ, my favorite part of work is wearing whatever the heck I want. The other day I wore a beanie, which I could never do to school. I love taking my style to the next level right now. My other blessing from my job is being able to work when I’m sick from home. (Cough cough I did that today). Working when your sick isn’t fun, but it’s way better when you can lay in bed! Trusttttt me. Random rambling #1: My baby brother just turned 18 yesterday, so that was a little crazy! We love him so much and can’t believe he’s a legal adult. Random rambling #1: If anyone has eczema tips, send them my way! My hands are struggling to survive in the super cold temps.

CJ is obsessed with chocolate muffins from Wal-Mart lately. I hate going to the grocery store, so when he is willing to go alone, it’s always fun to see what he returns with. I always get a good laugh at the random things he buys instead of things that could possibly contribute to a meal. 😉 He also enjoys snuggling with me while I try out new shows that I can never stick to. He was so excited for me when the new GG (Gilmore Girls) came out, but we were both a little disappointed to say the least. #TeamJess

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I’m obsessed with hot chocolate. For awhile there, I was pretty much drinking it every morning after I did yoga. That’s the only way I could justify my choice. Currently, I’m trying to eat less dairy to see if it makes me feel better. (Some of my siblings have found that certain things make them sick, so I’m giving it a try.) When I say I’m giving it a try, I probably still drink/eat things with some dairy products. I just don’t drink straight up milk anymore, eat cottage cheese and sour cream (WAHHH.. my faves!) or put milk in my oatmeal. It definitely seems to help me feel better when I eat less, I’m just not super committed to going all the way yet.

img_4407img_4406Pistachio is life. Obviously killing the dairy thing, right?? Haha

I’ve been struggling to take photos in the cold this year. Last year, I was so much more willing but I’m kind of in a blog funk. I don’t see what the point of all my outfits are anymore. I’m in a stage where I’m obsessed with makeup tutorials and honestly like to refashion outfits from my own closet. If you want to see refashion outfits or if you have any awesome ideas or ways to help me feel motivated… I’m all ears. Leave me a comment or shoot me an email. Sometimes I feel like it’s kinda pointless. I just want it to be effortless. The problem is that with anything good or rewarding in life requires work. 😉

Overall, this month we are feeling blessed. I am always shocked when trials come and we turn more towards the Savior that we can receive so much relief from all ailments. I don’t know why it still shocks me because it happens all the time! I just wonder how He doesn’t get tired of me needing help or whatever, but then I always remember that He understands each of us perfectly. This month I’m grateful to celebrate His birth. He has blessed CJ’s and my life infinitely. We love Him and are eager to follow in His ways in anyway we can. We hope you are having a #blessed Christmas season. Always remember to keep the main thing–the main thing.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetThis is from AZ at Thanksgiving! We had such a good time and look how sunny it was! img_4386img_4380img_4401

Ok, if you live in AZ.. you must go to LAST CHANCE. Look at these Charolette Olympia flats. This is how much these go for. It’s one of my favorite stops each time I’m there! 


I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you would want to see next. I’m currently working on a gift guide for all the fellas. Hardest job ever! Happy Christmastime!





One thought on “Agren Update Part 3: Happy December!

  1. I loved reading this and about little personal details about your lives. 🙂 I am currently watching Gilmore Girls season 4! Ha I’m kind of in a little funky stage too. Let’s be in a funk together! Lol jk let’s encourage each other. Much better haha. Ps. I would love to see how you refashion your wardrobe! Something I personally would like to see is like a 7 day refashion wardrobe outfits type thing post? Idk! You’re awesome tho girl, and super beautiful 🙂

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