20 things you didn’t know about me and Mr. 

I thought it would be nice to make a quick list of “didn’t knows” or whatever about CJ and me. It’s a wonderful life we live, but it’s somewhat quirky (which I actually love). If this is received well, I wouldn’t be opposed to doing a Q&A post. Enjoy this little snippet of our life: 

20. I eat cutie tangerines and apples like they’re going out of style lately. 

19. CJ has his own room for whatever in our apt. It’s a mess probably 95% off the time. 

18. I just started wearing foundation a few months ago… But I may go back to none. 

17. CJ’s favorite characters from my favorite shows: Dr. Sloane, Cristina Yang, Chuck Bass and Loreali Gilmore. 

16. If I could be as cool as Madam Secretary (the show), I’d totally go into politics. 

15. CJ would live off tortillas, cereal and my white chicken chilli if I would let him. 

14. When I’m sick, CJ will get me all the Jamba Juice I want…. Which is a lot. 

13. CJ wears a shirt and tie to work everyday, and all the ladies swoon over him😑(little do they know, that I either taught him everything he knows or I picked out his clothing that day). 

12. I promptly change from skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans right when I walk through the door into joggers or leggings.!

11. CJ and I both use 40 oz hydroflasks. I drink about 3 of those a day… Ceej probably drinks 3 a week 😂

10. CJ would rather snuggle than talk. I would rather talk than snuggle most days. 

9. CJ will only tell me why he loves me after I begggggg him. (Word of affirmation is totally my love language!) 

8. CJ will do lots of things for every one… And I’m not sure everyone appreciates him as much as I do. 😂😂

7. My eczema is the worst. I always think people think I have diseases. 

6. CJ hates the idea of working out, but it’s a necessary outlet for me. Yoga, running, lifting… It makes me feel less anxious. 

5. I get more anxious about strange things than the normal person. My cute husband will listen to my worries and tell me that it will be fine. 

4. CJ will do the dishes if I cook. 

3. We never have blow up, yelling fights. We ice each other out until one of us apologizes. (I always try to not smile at him when I’m ticked. But he’s pretty funny, so it’s harder than you think). 

2. Ceeejer is an introvert and people make him tired. I’m an extrovert and taking to others makes me excited. 

1. We’ve been married over 2.5 years, and boy… It just gets better with time. 
Thanks so much for following along. I don’t want you to think we are perfect, so I hope these little facts make us more approachable. I’ll be back tomorrow with some sweet deals!! 

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