8 Ideas to Celebrate Galentines on a Budget

Every year we encounter Valentine’s day. I remember celebrating Valentine’s day at the gym or eating pizza and drinking martenellis. Valentines day isn’t always the sexy, hot date that everyone makes it out to be. Some years, you’re learning to love yourself. Or if you’re like me, you husband sometimes has other obligations that he has to attend to. I firmly believe there is nothing wrong with a little retail therapy to make you feel loved. (As long as you keep it affordable, whatever that is for you!)

I’ve put together some easy ways to spend your Valentines in a way that will be both relaxing and fun. Read on to see what I’ve picked.





  1. Candles! Gifting yourself your favorite candle is not only awesome, but also smart. If you’re anything like me (or my mom) you burn candles like they’re going out of style. Buying a candle that you love and will use will make you feel special and smart!
  2. Bath Bomb. To go along with your favorite candle, maybe you love a good bath. Light a candle, try some new bubble bath or get a bath bomb. (If you’re like me and don’t really love taking baths, try this.)
  3. Sheet Masks. The newest trend in beauty is the sheet mask. I have a few currently (that I might use after writing this post) that only cost $2 and are fragrance and dye free. There are much better options than those, so maybe check this out for a pampered night in.
  4. Martenellis. If you didn’t already know, I don’t drink. I’ve never even had a drop. Martenellis is a different story. The year before I was seriously dating in CJ (surprise, we got engaged on March 1st), I remember making toasts with my girlfriend with martenellis and having a serious dance party after. That year I also bought myself way too many laffy taffies and almost barfed them up on a date. Haha, tmi but true.
  5. Fondue kit. This year we are keeping things simple. Typically, we go away or whatever, but the holiday lands in the middle of the week and we are both working. I think fondue is a perfect fit for any gal who just wants to hang by herself or with friends. Coat pretzels, strawberries and more in chocolate for a sweet treat (maybe in your bath!!).
  6. Tumblr. Before I found the hydroflask of my dreams (my true friends will know this) I was obsessed with what I call “The Mom Cup”. This would have tickled my fancy back in the day… mostly because then I wouldn’t have to wash my other one as often. Win/win.
  7. Makeup. I think that liquid lipstick you’ve been eyeing would be perfect for valentines day. I also think this SUPER affordable highlighter that I’m obsessed with is perfect, too. Need other ideas how about this or this.


Stay tuned for more valentines goodness! It’s crazy to think we are almost to spring! I hope you all have a wonderful night and remember to relax.


happy shopping,


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