4 Ways to Save More Money Shopping

Hey gals (and guys!) I wanted to take a minute to share some really important tips with you. There are so many ways to save some moneys at checkout, but did you think of some of these? If you haven’t, you welcome. 🙂

1. Leave Your Basket

This is probably one of the weirdest things you’ve heard, right? Don’t worry, I know my stuff and there is a method in this madness. The other day, I was browsing through some Kate Spade items on the Kate Spade website (duhhhhh, Cortz). Today, I open my email to a special, personalized promotion because I had placed an item in my basket and left it.The funny thing about this, if you’ve ever learned Adobe Analytics like I have, you will know that businesses such as e-commerce websites really want to change you  from a lead into a conversion! Therefore, giving you a few extra $$ off won’t hurt their business at all.

2. Try Honey

Even though I do love a good PB and honey sandwich, I’m not talking about that kind of honey. This app helps you find deals or promotions you may have missed before you checkout. Sometimes, you just don’t know. Download this bad boy for cash back from your purchases and promo code heaven!


3. If you don’t love it, leave it.

We are all certainly guilty of purchasing things that we aren’t obsessed with. I used to be exceptionally bad at these. Now, when I feel like I really love something, sometimes I’ll mull it over for the next few days or weeks. I try to picture it paired with other items in my closet. Is it a dress that will require special shoes? If I still love it after awhile of thinking about it, I buy it. This makes my closet less cluttered and reduces the chances of me hating my closet in a few months.

4. Buy Spring Clothes in Fall

I know that I’ve definitely shared this tip before, but in cased you missed it… THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with BUYING PREVIOUS SEASONS clothes. We are not all bloggers with a million Instagram followers. We work for what we buy! Buy your favorite pair of Tory Burch or Hunter boots during spring for a super discounted price. 🙂


Keeping that in mind, here are some of my favorite promotions going on:

  • Roolee Boutique– use code EVERYBODYWINS for 15% off
  • Albionfit– use code JACI for 15% off. (Thanks to our girl, Jaci Marie Smith).
  • Gap– 40% off your purchase with the code FORYOU.
  • AnthropologieFREE SHIPPING FOR 48 HOURS!!!!! Don’t miss out.
  • The Blonde Who Bakes (if you need a sweet treat like I do!)- Sign up for the newsletter and get 15% off.

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